Poster – Maths Numbers Introspective Chameleon Fibonacci Sequence 3D Ceiling Murals



PLEASE NOTE BEFORE YOU BUY – All our prints come UNFRAMED. Any pictures of our artwork in frames is for display purposes only so you can get a feel for how it might look in your home. Prints 12×8 inch and smaller will be shipped in a strong envelope and prints larger in size will be shipped rolled in a tube. Items are shipped Monday to Friday. DELIVERY TIMES we are based in the UK so delivery to USA is usually 2-3 weeks. Europe: 1-2 weeks. Rest of World: 2-4 weeks.

QUALITY FIRST – Many sellers try to compete on price and find they must cut corners on calibre of materials and design. We have decided to focus instead on quality. Because of this commitment all our prints are produced on a thick glossy stock that means the colours on the print you receive will be exceptionally faithful to those you see on your screen.

COMPLETELY UNIQUE – When we decided we didn’t want to sell the cheapest prints, but rather the finest, we knew we would have to design everything in-house. Over the past 8 years our company has designed over 3,000 original pieces of artwork and to this day these prints are only available from our store. You cannot and never will be able to purchase them anywhere else.

MULTIPLE SIZES AVAILABLE – We sell a variety of sizes in a 3:2 ratio. Usually you can pick from 9×6 Inches, 12×8 Inches, 15×10 Inches and 18×12 Inches. Occasionally a special edition 24×16 Inch version is available and if you see this and are interested in the offer we suggest purchasing today as they are not always available. If you would like this print in a different size or ratio please contact us as we might be able to create a customisation just for you.

CUSTOMISATION – Whatever the design you see in front of you please know that we are working artists and designers and can create a beautiful customisation of any design in our store. Quotes can be changed, map locations altered and people or faces switched. We can alter colours and backgrounds. We can enlarge certain elements or shrink others. We can even alter the ratio and size of this print to fit the frame you have in mind. To discuss your options please contact us.

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